Tuesday, 17 January 2012

170112 - Ding

I had a busy day at work. After setting up a perfect schedule that fits all events for my boss, I confidently clicked SEND and shut down my computer. As I proceeded to my car, he called and said he could cancel one appointment to make way for others...... so I went to Sunshine Sq, bought some vegetables, eggs, tomatoes, I wanted to cook something I like, that Jamie could enjoy as she stays on diet; I thought I could handle disappointment.

I reached home, father and sister were talking extensively, asked me why did I buy vegetables, why no prawns / chicken, why don't we cook tom yum noodle, celebrity sister wanted vegetables, egg, tomato and dad was full but he wanted to eat tom yum, didn't want whole noodle want half noodle and the requests went on.. I remained silent hoping they would realize I'm less chatty today.

As I was cooking, dad came to comment, why don't you put this first, you should.. you shouldn't.. and he stood there to watch me cook, I felt irritated. I gave myself 30 seconds to cool down but unfortunately the Microwave was ready.. 'ding'..

I tore the instant noodle packaging, threw 2 noodles into the pot intending to splash the hot water everywhere, tore the rest of the flavouring packs and swung around the bowl, stove, floor.. (tunjuk perasaan)

Celebrity sister yelled at me, dad was standing there trying to calm her.. I wished I could press a mute button because I really have nothing to say or argue. I told them to leave me alone and went into my room after cooking.

I have never imagined tom yum noodle could taste and look so awful.

This is a Luminarc Glassware and look how the celebrity placed it.. was I even wrong to ding?


  1. Ouch :/ Hope you've cooled down now...

    Cooks should always be left to cook their own way. Anyone who wants to comment should offer to cook instead... ;P

  2. Felt very much better after the 'tunjuk perasaan' LOL