Saturday, 24 December 2011

241211 - Songstress

An old lady came into our room while we were having dinner in a restaurant and said she could sing for us at 10 yuan per song. I said "No thank you" but I wasn't being taken seriously, she continued to convince us how lovely she would sound. I looked at my boyfriend, he gave me a helpless look, I know he couldn't refuse an old lady but that was a bad day, you know, time of the month and I was cold, hungry, tired etc.. I told the old lady nicely that we would like to have dinner peacefully. She refused to leave and started to sing!

~ Ding! ~

I walked out of the room furiously to ask for the restaurant owner. "I really want to have dinner quietly could, you please ask her to leave?" The owner didn't come in at once and I knew it right away that this must be a pre-arranged nuisance. Owner came in a while later and the song is over, Mr Boyfriend paid her 10 yuan and it's over. Comes to think of it, we should have just given her 10 yuan and ended the hoo-ha.

After dinner, another old lady (picture above) hopped in again! "Let me sing you a beautiful song as beautiful as you, that you have never heard of with my beautiful voice that could melt your heart.." Omg.. again.. Mr Boyfriend got a little nervous and told me to cool down and let this lady sing because she is older than the one before. I wasn't that mad anymore so I just went along with the song.. it's an old folks song that I could understand anyway but.. after the first song, she quickly continued another song so she could earn another 10 yuan. 

I didn't *Ding* this time because I was too full to get angry. She was paid 20 yuan and left happily. As for me, I felt really bad behaving like a lunatic to chase the first songstress out. 

I'm sorry Santa, I promise I won't do it again.. and I would like to have 100 pairs of new shoes for Christmas this year.. 


  1. insistent... :O I wonder what they would do if you refused to pay them after they sang...

  2. They will curse and swear.. *&^%$#@!! Injure you, maybe?