Saturday, 17 September 2011

Day 2: Something Green

Had to take my car for service/maintenance.. Ezy was surprised, he never thought girls could bring their cars to the mechanic on their own. Well, I had nobody to depend on and if I don't do it, my car will rot.

Maybe someone's gonna say something must have gone wrong during my birth-day because I have chosen a Tank for today's theme instead of something femininely-green. Are you already suspecting that I am a man? 


  1. I have to take my car to the service centre myself too :'( Maybe Ezy can do it for us next time... :P

    And that's actually a lovely tank! I like it...but I don't like real tanks, they're too big! lol

  2. This girl thought her dad owns the whole GIANT. Taking photos of the TANK at the hypermarket like nobody's business. @_@

  3. ohh no !!!! pat bai ngor xiong toi !!!!!!! i will became gal enemy d.... haha !!! I like tank too, I still remember I touch it before !

  4. WP: We r not so Princess after all =D
    Ellen: We sacrifice a little for art, right?
    Ezy: Where? Where can I see / touch a real Tank?!?!